Three Cheap Hosting Reseller Programs – Eleven2 Reseller, Thinkhost Reseller & Hosgator Reseller

Eleven2 Reseller

Rodney Giles founded Eleven2 Resellers in 2004, just 5 years ago. Now, it is on top of the heap. It started at with only 20 accounts, earning just $100 per month and paying its principal server $299. He was a senior high school student then. After making some adjustments of its personalized service of customers, almost suddenly, his customers increased to 100, then to 1000; and now at about 65,000. And all these happened in just less than 5 years.

“World-Class Hosting, Done Right” is their tag line. This simply means- give it all to satisfy the customers. And this principle is the single factor that made the company extraordinary successful. They also found out that customers prefer to pay $40 for a satisfactory service; rather than paying $5 for a poor version. And also charging $5 can’t pay good technical personnel. Good personalized service is the key to their tremendous business success.

Thinkhost Reseller

ThinkHost was founded 10 years ago by Vladislav Davidzon… It uses Unix server secured by back -up generators and back-up data. Its service has an uptime from 99.6% to 99.9%. This supports its highly regarded reputation of reliability. Its technical support team is on guard 24/7 everyday and guarantees a response for a problem call within 24 hours. Some of its generators are solar powered.

Advance payments for service can be sent by fax or online. Prepayment of 3 months up to two years is required, but with guarantee that within 28 days, the customer can request for refund of his deposit if not satisfied with the service.

Hostgator Reseller for beginners

Beginners usually want to spend less than $25 a month for their website. This is done by the reseller by buying in bulk at a discounted rate, and then rebundling these services into simple and easy to handle hosting packages- shared by beginners.

The beginner is also assisted free or with minimal charge in its billing, design and minor technical problems. Marketing strategy tips are given freely to Hostgator Reseller’s customers.

Is HostGator Any Good?

Hosgator a big hosting company on the internet but are they really that good?

Let me give you a quick run down in this review of my thoughts on HostGator.

Firstly I would like to say that I have used other hosting but now rely solely on HostGator. The reasons will be know to you right now.

Reason 1: The cost of HostGator isn’t much different to other hosts but for that cost HostGator do offer a quality service.

Reason 2: They use Cpanel, some hosts don’t use Cpanel, and for most Cpanel is the only option they like. Also for beginners Cpanel rules.

Reason 3: The support HostGator provide is just super, once you’re a customer of theirs you get the benefit of Live Chat support, whom are very knowledgeable and usually fix any problems within moments of you speaking with them.

Those 3 reasons are enough for anyone to choose a host and are the basics of what you would look for in a host. You could go use a host that doesn’t have Live Chat Support and end up in all sorts of trouble especially if waiting hours for a response.

I chose them in the beginning without any prior research but since using them I am able to show you why they really are that good.

I suppose I’m lucky that I chose right the first time without research but for you this should help you understand what to look for in a host even if you don’t decide to sign up with them.

Web Hosting Control Panel – CPanel Vs VDeck

One factor to make a website run smoothly is the control panel the website is using. Most people are using the cPanel control panel. If you ask any webmaster which control panel they are using, they will probably say cPanel. If you ask them have you heard of Vdeck? They would probably say no.

Vdeck is very new in world of internet. Most webmasters have no idea how it operates. So, what is this Vdeck control panel and why is it causing a stir in the internet industry. Is it better than cPanel? To find the answer to this, we should look into what this Vdeck really is.

Unknown to people, Vdeck is already in its 3rd edition of control panel in managing a website. In its official website, it claims Vdeck is “More than just a control panel, vDeck is the next generation in Web site management. With vDeck, creating, managing and promoting your Web site is as easy as 1-2-3!”

In other word, Vdeck is a very useful tool to promote and build your website if you have no knowledge about HTML. It also possesses features like pre-installed design templates ready to be used, advertising services and content manager. It is virtually a complete system suitable for business professionals. It has more depth compared to cPanel which is more suitable only for normal or small business. Among the providers who use this control panel are iPowerWeb and Startlogic. It is known to users that this control panel is slightly harder to learn, therefore, there are mixed reviews about Vdeck.

The complication of Vdeck has made cpanel a better option for many users because of its simple interface and user friendly approach. One of the most popular applications for cpanel user is the Fantastico. It contains applications like Joomla, Tikiwikiand Moodle. Users really enjoy using it because of its functionality. This is something that they don’t get with Vdeck. Users find Vdeck very unfamiliar and complicated. Therefore, you can see why the top 2 hosting companies, Blue Host and Hosgator are using cPanel as their control panel in their packages.

However, there is some negativity about cPanel. They only provide basic tools for webmasters to exploit. So, if you are running an e-commerce website, cPanel would not be a smart choice for you. This is where Vdeck is useful. Vdeck provides a lot of e-commerce solution and it has a search optimization function plus a submission service which is really useful for an e-commerce website.

The bottom line is, you should choose whatever control panel that suits your need. If you are planning to run a personal website, you should probably go for cPanel because it would be simple to use.

On the other hand, if you are running a website that is related to e-commerce, then perhaps, you should choose Vdeck because it is made for this sort of website. Although it may be a little more complicated to understand, the time you use to study it will be worthwhile when you see you e-commerce running in great style and see the profits raking in.

HostGator As the Most Preferred Hosting Solution

HostGator is among the worlds major companies for all kinds of web hosting solutions. Based in Houston and in Texas the company was a mere start-up from a dorm room at the Florida Atlantic University. It was founded in 2002 when its founder Brent Oxley was pursuing is Master in Computer Sciences in the college. By 2006 it had reached more than 200000 mark in domain registration and was termed as the fastest growing companies in the state. Today HostGator is among the premium hosting solutions available in the market.

The major characteristics that make it the most preferred company for hosting purposes are:

1. Services: Hosgator provides some of the best solutions in the field of web hosting. It’s shared hosting plans are the cheapest of all and also have the best of all facilities as compared to other hosting companies. They host only a limited number of websites on each server thus allowing each website to consume and perform to their highest limit. The VPS hosting solutions have made them the most popular in the market. With the cheapest VPS plans that make the customer most satisfied to the best support they have all the qualities of a great hosting provider. The dedicated servers are equipped with the best technology and innovative applications that take your hosting at par to the industrial websites.

2. Pricing. HostGator is mainly popular among the masses for their low pricing and best service policy. They offer the hosting plans in 3 types namely: Hatchling, Baby and Business. As the name suggests the hatchling plan is for the beginner website developer with less resources to deal with and a website development app that makes it greatly easier for them to develop and host your first website. The baby plan is for the intermediate developer who knows a bit about hosting and website development. This provides a bit higher bandwidth and hosting space for developing and testing his experimental stuffs. You can also run a great personal blog in both the plans. The business plans are for the more advanced developer who wants to carry out small business on the website. You can also have a small forum or an also build an e-commerce site but if higher resources are used then you will have to transfer to a dedicated server.

3. Features. HostGator provides cPanel as the medium of site management. cPanel has been used by industry experts to manage their daily site activities and also to perform their business tasks. Within a span of just a decade the company has grown up to the world largest provider of hosting solutions due to its great features. It provides Facebook and Google ad credits along with website templates that help you in getting your site up in minutes. Their unlimited MySQL databases make them the most preferred destination for all programmers and business owners alike. The dedicated servers and the VPS solutions have the best facilities for the clients as they help you run the robust websites with a lot of apps and programs and also have a large bandwidth for you to support a big enough company website. The majority of the e-commerce websites once begun on such dedicated servers and later transferred to their own required configuration.


The building and the hosting of the business websites of the small-scale business owners are generally handed over to the HostGator web hosting service. They let the organization know, what should be the required content and everything that should be managed. There are in-numerous benefits for using these HostGator sites for maximizing their profits. They provide several plans depending on the types of business in the market so that the work can be made flexible and would cater perfectly to the requirements. But HostGator proves out to be the most profitable for the small business owners as they are equipped with the access to a free dialling number that is included in the package. In this process they can easily design their own website for their business purpose. The reviews of the HostGator lets the people know about the differences between the various hosting websites so that the business organization can select the best one for their company. The customers who require this services can even take the help of video tutorials to know the facts in detail.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Shares Intelligently

Practically everyone takes a flawed approach to buying stocks. So, practically everyone ends up with a rotten loss-making portfolio.

So here’s a beginner’s (or for that matter, even an expert’s) list of dos and don’ts…

But remember… you have to do lots of “donkey” work to become a successful “bull” on the stock markets. You must also have monumental patience and play stocks with a long-term perspective. Hoping to multiply money in quick time is a definite recipe for disaster.

1. First and foremost, you have to understand and appreciate that when you are buying stocks you are NOT buying some symbols on the screen. Instead, you are buying an underlying business. You are becoming a partner in that business. Therefore, you share its profits and its losses. That is why the term… shareholder.

2. It is but obvious that you have to buy sunrise businesses. If the products and services of any industry are not in demand, it would be foolhardy to become a partner in such businesses.

3. However, quite often, two companies in the “same industry” follow diametrically opposite paths… one profitable and the other losing money. The answer to this oddity lies in the quality of entrepreneurship. Good managements make good businesses. Bad managements fail frequently. Backing proven managers is, therefore, the most sacrosanct and inviolable principle of investing in stocks.

4. Sometimes even good managements and good businesses go through tough times. Therefore, apart from ascertaining that the company is running a good business and managed by a good team, you have to ensure that it makes good sales and earns good profits. Never invest in a loss-making company, unless you see strong signs of a turnaround in the near future.

5. Operational performance is one part of the story. The other significant aspect is its financial foundation. All businesses have to withstand the vagaries of the economy. For example, too much debt may not be an issue during good times. But it can seriously threaten even the existence of the company when economic conditions turn bleak. As such, strong balance sheets always make a dependable choice.

6. Wait… a company with excellent business, excellent management, excellent financial strength and excellent profits, is not the green signal to cut your cheque. No. There is one more critical parameter – its market price. If the price is too high relative to its underlying valuation, even excellent shares will not make money for you. A reasonable PEG ratio determines a reasonable stock to buy.

This is the safe, sensible and steady approach to buying shares. It would surely give you a lot more winners than losers. And, to succeed you don’t need ALL the players to do well. A few good performances, backed by at least average play from others will definitely win you most matches.

Buying Shares – Tips For Beating The Stock Market

In the present uncertain economic climate, many investors are wary of investing in the stock market. Some are even asking whether they should stop buying shares, and invest in items that are traditionally viewed as less risky, such as gold or government bonds. While it is true that investing in stocks and shares is risky at the moment, it should be remembered that such risk always exists, even in the middle of a stock market boom. There is no reason why the astute private investor cannot buy shares today and secure a handsome return overall in the long term, and this article offers tips on how to achieve that.

It is important to say that profit can’t be guaranteed on individual share purchases. For a variety of reasons – wider market conditions, global recession, issues specific to the company or group in question – it can happen that the price of a stock falls below the level at which it was purchased, and stays there. In this case, a classic strategy by small investors is to hang on to the stock until they can receive how much they paid out. This is wrong, as it can lead to an investment tied up long term in a moribund stock: it would be much better to sell at a loss and invest in shares that are likely to rise and make a healthy profit, over and above the money originally paid out. When buying shares it pays not to be too inflexible in strategy, but to be open to opportunities to make money, even at the risk of taking a temporary loss.

When buying shares initially, or when selecting which shares to buy, research is the key to avoiding losses. Never buy on a whim: always thoroughly research all of the issues surrounding any purchase. There are a number of different areas it is essential to research.

The first is to conduct general research on the stock market as a whole. Is the recent market trend for shares to rise or fall in price? Are any sectors performing better than others? Will any recent national or international events affect the performance of the market as a whole, or of individual sectors? All of these can determine which types of shares may be ripe for purchase. Places to research this information can be national newspapers and magazines, financial and political websites, and publications and websites particular to the stock markets themselves.

Once a sector or even individual company worthy of investment has been selected, then the relevant sector of the economy must be researched. Who are the big players? What are the trends in that sector? Is any new technology imminent that will change how the sector operates, bringing in new companies? Are any companies in danger of failing, and if so what is the cause? An effective analysis of these factors is of great use in finding a company to invest in whose stocks are undervalued and likely to rise. Sources of information can be trade magazines and websites, trade association publications, specialist scientific/technical magazines, and the usual financial publications and sites.

Finally, once a company has been selected it must be researched in detail before shares are purchased. What is the company’s trading record over the last five, ten or even twenty years? Is it profitable? Are there any potential threats to its income? Are there any new innovations it is developing that could boost income? How does it perform in relation to comparable companies in the same sector? All of these factors must be researched in detail before a decision is made to buy shares: a large amount of money could be lost if any corners are cut.

So it can be seen that many factors can influence the decision on which shares to purchase. Here are some key points to remember:

Be prepared to make a loss on individual stocks to ensure long term profits.
Never buy stocks and shares on a whim.
Research the stock market as a whole. What sectors are ripe for investment?
Research the target sector. Which companies’ share prices are undervalued compared to their potential?
Research the target company in detail. Are there any hidden problems? How does it compare to the rest of the sector?

Buying Shares

There are two different ways you can purchase shares; the first is from the actual company right when the shares are first being offered. This is when the company is trying to raise money by offering out shares to be bought by the public. The second way is to buy shares from other investors through the share market.

Before buying shares, you will probably need your funds available, as this will be required by most firms when buying shares of stock. In addition, you should also set up a trading account before trading as most brokers require this. Shares are always bought through stockbrokers, so before you start buying stock shares, you’ll need to find a stock broker.

There are many different types of brokers, some deal over the phone, some use post, and many use online services. Online dealing is the cheapest and most brokers use that nowadays. When choosing a broker, make sure that they are suited to fit your specific trading requirements, and that they provide you with quality information and quick execution when buying and selling stocks. Also, they should be well versed on the markets available and the different costs of services and shares.

When buying shares, many people like to do their own research on which shares to buy, they educated themselves and research on certain shares and then make well informed decisions on which ones to buy. People who do this will only need a broker to execute the actual act of buying the shares; these brokers are called execution-only brokers. These brokers will not provide you with any types of advice on which shares to buy, because the decision is yours, they’re only job is to buy or sell the shares for you. They may, however, offer a variety of different types of research tools and online tools to help get a background on the market.

The second type of share buying service is called the Rolls Royce service. These brokers will offer you a large amount of advice, they will help you to form trading strategies and try their best to suit your personal financial plan. These brokers will also help to advice you on buying shares and help monitor your investments, although the final decision rest on the client. There are some broker services however, which enable a broker to buy or sell different shares without having to ask for approval from the client. To do this, one must have a high amount of trust in the skills of the broker, this service can also prove to be very expensive as it is very highly tailored to the individual and require a lot of research from the broker.

For those who are very new to the market, you may need a broker that can help to advise you on which shares to buy or sell. Execution-only brokers are much cheaper services, however, and some brokers will not accept you as an advisory client unless you have a large amount of money to invest.

Shares Trading – How to Buy Shares

A share is defined in the world of finance as a unit of account for various financial instruments including stocks, mutual funds, limited partnerships, and REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trust). In the English language the use of the word share to refer solely to stocks is very common and it has come to be synonymous with the word stock itself.

In laymen terms, a share or stock is a document issued by a company that entitles its holder to part ownership in the company. A share can be issued by a company or may be purchased from the stock market via a stock broker. We often hear the term “dividend” in the news media but people new to share trading can be sometimes be confused as to what exactly a dividend is. Dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholders. It is the portion of profits that the company has earned paid out to shareholders. Corporations can either re-invest their profits in the business, or pay profits out to the shareholders as a dividend. Often times, corporations will retain a portion of their earnings and pay the remainder as a dividend.

Dividends are one reason why share trading is so popular amongst investors and traders. If the company you own shares in makes a profit and pays out a dividend, you will earn the dividend and still hold your share position. If you choose to sell your shares you will make a capital gain in addition to the dividends you have earned over the years, a capital gain is the money you gain if your shares have increased in value since the time of purchase. However, it is also possible to incur a capital loss if you sell your shares at a price below what you bought them for. Proper research before buying shares in a company is crucial; if you find a company with good long-term growth prospects you can reap the benefits of increasing capital gains while simultaneously collecting dividend pay outs.

Buying shares is very easy today with ease of access that the internet has brought about. There are a few different ways in which to buy shares however, some people prefer to use a stock broker, this is a person or a firm that trades on behalf of the client, you tell them what you want to invest in and they will issue the buy or sell order. A full service stock broker will provide various services, at a fee, some of these services include investment research advice, tax planning, and retirement planning. There are also discount brokers who will allow you to buy and sell shares at a low rate but don’t provide any investment advice. Finally, for people who do not need or want assistance from an actual stock broker there are online brokers that allow you to buy and sell shares entirely over the internet with no need for a human stock broker.

Share trading has exploded in popularity recently with the advent of wireless internet and ever expanding Wi-Fi “hot spots”. It is entirely possible to now buy and sell shares in a company over certain cell phones that are internet enabled. For most retail traders and investors who spend the time to do a little extra research on shares of companies they are interested in buying, share trading is very lucrative and is a great way to diversify your finances. Share trading allows people to participate in all kinds of sectors, brands, and services. The ease and simplicity of internet share trading has made it possible for anyone who is interested in buying shares to do so.

Buying Shares – A Simple Share Buying Strategy

Have you been wanting to buy some shares but haven’t been sure when to take that leap? Taking the leap to buy shares can be hard to judge. So when do you buy into the market? It can be especially difficult for you if you are new to share trading. I think it is always a good idea to watch your chosen share for at least a week, maybe even a month if possible before deciding when to buy your chosen share. If you can stretch the watching out to the month it will be worthwhile as you will have a better idea of how the share works, and what price would be fair to buy the share at. If you wait much longer than the month you may miss an ideal buying opportunity.

This strategy is simple to execute and will ensure that you’ve bought at a fair price, it may not be the best price to buy the share but it will be fair. So here is a simple share buying strategy that you can use anytime regardless of how the market is tracking.

Divide the purchase of your chosen share into three parts. You will be buying your shares at three different prices. When buying shares this way it doesn’t matter when you get into the market, as it will even out the purchase price of your shares. If after your first share purchase the market goes up you have gotten you first share purchase at a discount, if it goes down then your next share purchase will be at a discount.

So while this may not guarantee that you will buy your shares at the best price it will give you an even buy every time. It doesn’t matter whether the stock market is bullish, bearish or even neutral you will have a high price, a low price and a price somewhere in the middle.

Tip: Set up a watch list

If your not sure what shares you would like to purchase set up a watch list of five to ten shares that you are interested in and watch how they perform. Most trading platforms will allow you to do this free of charge.

One Last Tip: Check the last five days

The Australian Stock Exchange website gives you the details of the last 5 days closing prices, high & low prices. It’s a great way to review where the share has been and if there are any trends. Most other stock exchange websites should be able to provide you with the same information.

Buying Shares Online

Post, telephone or online are just some of the media used to purchase and sell shares. These days however, people are taking more interest in buying shares online because it is the cheapest, fastest and most convenient way of dealing shares. Internet share dealing is considered as “execution only” which can be described as a system in which it is up to a broker who carries out instructions on your dealing like selling and buying shares online.

Some companies who offer internet share services, the activities are done in real time so that the client, in this case, you, are aware of the stock prices that you are paying for. There are many companies, however, that bundle up buying shares online, and most of them choose to trade during the end of the business day when the costs are down.

In and online share purchase, yours will most likely be a nominee account, which pertains to accounts held by another person for a beneficial owner. It is usually held by a stockbroker on your behalf. This is way your name won’t appear on the company’s register. However, since you are not registered, you will not receive company reports and any other perks associated to registered accounts. All the activities will involve a broker who will charge an agreed upon fee per stock that you buy and sell.

One important thing to remember when buying shares online is to always compare prices on the board. It will be towards your benefit to inquire about the current prices for basic trade and services applicable to those who trade daily called frequent trader service. There may be extra service fees like the cost of ISA wrappers that are self-selecting. Being familiar with these rates will help you become aware of the going fees and will also help you avoid hidden costs being attached at times when the offer is suspiciously low.

Buying shares online have gained wide popularity over the years because of the convenience it offers. For people who are busy and do not have the time to update, buying shares online is the best option for them. Aside from convenience, the internet offers numerous options in companies offering online share trading, this way; an interested buyer or seller can compare companies and what they have to offer.

There are many resources one can find on the internet regarding buying shares online. One of the most reputable companies that offer offline and online share trading is TD Waterhouse which is based in UK. The company offers convenient and inexpensive options for share dealing services and regular trading as well.

Learning the ropes of buying shares online is basically uncomplicated and easy even for those who do not have the experience. The rates are much lower than that of a broker who will buy and sell stocks for you, so you save more money which you can then use to buy more shares. Buying shares online is the most practical way when it comes to share trading.